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It all started when…

We realized you need the massage brought straight to you! We know you are busy and we know you need to increase your self care routine, so we decided to take our massage team on the road. Now all you have to do is book an appointment and we will bring the table and relaxation to your home, office, patio, or favorite destination. Let the relaxation begin...

Mauka & Makai Mobile Massage - Annette

Annette La Fontaine

Meet the woman behind Mauka & Makai.

Aaron Cantwell Massage Therapist

Aaron Cantwell

Meet our newest Mauka & Makai massage therapist, Aaron Cantwell.  I have the best job in the world. As a healing artist and a global wellness consultant I work to improve the lives of families and individuals daily. With over 5 years of development in the cauldron of the classroom, and in the field as apprentice and facilitator combined with over 8 years of practice and application,  I use both ancient-traditional and leading-edge healing and coaching methods to help you through a crisis or achieve your daily, seasonal and lifetime health and performance goals. My background as a chef, combined with my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Initiation Coach enables me to work magic, in moving families and individuals through times of intense stress, challenge and change. 

Kendall Perrine of Mauka & Makai Mobile Massage

Kendall Perrine

Meet Mauka & Makai's newest addition, Kendall Perrine. Our tissues tell a story--they hold a lifetime of emotions as well as provide information on our internal environment and current health status. Massage or "Touch" Therapy is an intuitive, invaluable tool to gain insight into the tissues of the body. Touch is necessary for survival. Every tissue I encounter is unique, special and whole. We will work together to tailor the massage session to your body's specific, unique needs. Thank yourself for taking time to enhance your inner awareness. And thank you for choosing me to help facilitate this therapeutic process.